Beets and Blood Sugar (What You Need to Know)

Beets and Blood Sugar

Beets or beetroot are a root vegetable dug from the ground that are rich in a wide variety of nutrients and known to have a sweet but subtle taste. They are not a strong vegetable taste wise, but their punch comes in with their healthy benefits. Their health benefits are many, and people such as … Read more

What Type of Collagen For Gut Health? (What Works Best)

Collagen is a protein found all over the body, in the muscles, skin, tendons, joints, and the digestive system. It’s is one of the leading considerations well-known to help the gut in the healing process!  Your body naturally produces collagen, but your ability to make it drops as you age. So you should ensure you take … Read more

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome What To Know

Chronic Fatigue in Seniors: Causes and Treatment Options. Everyone feels tired occasionally, but if you find it difficult to stay alert on an ongoing basis, you may be suffering from chronic fatigue.  Chronic fatigue can be tied to any number of physical and mental conditions. It may be caused by depression, disease or medication taken … Read more

Do You Know the Difference Between an Osteopath and a Chiropractor?

The care you receive sometimes includes osteopathic manipulation treatments, which may seem similar to chiropractic adjustments. However, there are some key differences between osteopathy and chiropractic care.  Training Both osteopaths and chiropractors are doctors, but their training differs. Both must attain an undergraduate degree and be accepted into a graduate program. Doctors of osteopathy (DOs) … Read more