Most Common Causes Of Heel Pain In The Morning

heel pain in the morning
Nobody wants to start their day with heel pain in the morning. But unfortunately, so many people wake up to an aching and agitating sensation in their heels. The weird thing is, this pain typically resolves itself as the day goes on. Nevertheless, it makes it tough to get out of bed excited about and ready for the day. That’s why...

Causes & Relief For Hip Pain After Running

hip pain after running
If you experience hip pain after running, it can make getting that crucial exercise even more difficult, discouraging you from getting your workout in. The last thing you want when trying to stay healthy is injuring yourself in the process. But, even worse, this type of pain in your hips can interfere with your other hobbies or even your work....

Causes & Treatment For Hip Pain When Sitting

hip pain when sitting
We spend so much time in a seated position throughout the day, especially if you’re a student or working professional, that dealing with hip pain when sitting can derail your entire day. As such, you cannot afford to just keep living with this condition. Investing in a stand up desk is one option, but that really doesn’t address the root...

What Could Cause Pain In Back Of The Knee?

what could cause pain in back of knee?
If you are suffering with pain in back of the knee, it can cause not just severe discomfort, but debilitation that prevents you from doing the things you need to do or enjoy doing. Because of this, you are no doubt scouring the internet in search of some information regarding what could cause pain behind the knee, and how to...

The Complete Guide To Lumbago

If you’ve been suffering from severe lower back accompanied by other uncomfortable symptoms, you may be suffering from lumbago. This sounds like a strange condition, and you are likely wondering, what is it? Don’t worry - we are going to define this ailment in just a moment, and cover everything you need to know about living with it. We’ll explain all...

What Causes Knee Pain When Walking Up And Down Stairs?

knee pain when walking up and down stairs
If you experience knee pain walking up and down stairs, it can force you to alter your entire life. This is especially true if your job location or residence features staircases, and you need to climb these on a daily basis. There are a couple different reasons you could be experiencing this discomfort, and there are also some steps you...

Sharp, Stabbing Pain In The Knee Which Comes and Goes

A sharp, stabbing pain in the knee that comes and goes can be indicative of a variety of issues. It also seems to always flare up at the most inopportune of times, derailing what was supposed to be a productive day. We’ll share a few potential causes of this specific type of knee pain, and provide a couple ways you...

What Can Cause Hip Pain When Coughing?

hip pain when coughing
If you experience hip pain when coughing, it can be great cause for concern. Any sort of pain accompanied by a cough has you wondering what is wrong with you internally, and the mind can wander to some dark places. But, if your hip pain is exacerbated by coughing, it may not be something as sinister as you think -...

Causes & Treatment For Hip And Hamstring Pain

hip and hamstring pain
Hip and hamstring pain can be caused by so many different things, but one thing remains consistent among them all - it sucks. While they are different muscle groups entirely, sometimes, pain in these two areas can be related. We’ll investigate this deeper in a moment. Part of what makes dealing with pain in your hips and/or hamstrings so frustrating, is...

Hip Pain Treatment Options Without Surgery

hip pain treatment without surgery
If you are struggling with even a minor bit of discomfort or immobility, you may seek out hip pain treatment options without surgery. Surgery is a very controversial topic when it comes to hip replacement, spine issues, and many other very invasive procedures. Sometimes it can be beneficial, sometimes it may set you back further than before. And whichever the...

MD Choice CBD Gummies Review (Do They Really Work?)

MD Choice CBD Gummies
After reading our MD Choice CBD Gummies Review, you’ll understand why we think these are one of the best pain relief products on the market right now. There are so many different things this great CBD gummy product can help people with, and they don’t taste like medicine, unlike the other guys! You’ll actually enjoy eating these, but make no...

What Can Cause Pinching Pain In Hip?

pinching pain in hip
If you are experiencing pinching pain in your hip, the frustrating part isn’t just how much it hurts. This specific type of pain can prevent you from doing some pretty routine tasks, affecting your day to day life. When you have some form of debilitating hip pain, any sort of movement can cause agony and limit your abilities. Whether you are...

Dealing With Thigh Pain After Hip Replacement

thigh pain after hip replacement
While the surgery may be an inevitable part of feeling better, thigh pain after hip replacement can make recovery brutal. Even after your initial recovery period and after physical therapy, lingering leg pain can leave you wondering if that expensive surgery was even worth it. We’ll explain what causes thigh pain after hip replacement, and tell you how long you can...

What Causes Hip Pain In The Morning After Sleeping?

hip pain in the morning after sleeping
If you are waking up to hip pain in the morning after sleeping, it can make starting the day miserable. As if waking up early for work wasn’t difficult enough as it is, now you have to deal with tightness and discomfort. There are a few reasons you might be experiencing this unfortunate circumstance. Most of it has to do...

What Is The Problem With Peanut Butter?

problem with peanut butter
All things are good in moderation, but there are some potential problems with peanut butter that you need to be aware of. This is a classic snack, and many of us eat it by the spoonful. It’s a source of healthy fats, and for the most part, you’d think it’s nothing but good for you. So what are the risks? Three...

A Few Scary Reasons To Avoid Lemon Juice

scary reasons to avoid lemon juice
Lemons themselves can be packed with antioxidants and bring tons of benefits to the table, but there are also a few scary reasons to avoid lemon juice. Of course, all things can be good in moderation. But when you frequently consume the juice from lemons, it can lead to serious issues long term. Read on to find out what these...

Why You Should Consider Putting Baking Soda In Coffee

If you love the spark your morning cup of joe gives, but hate the acidity, you might consider putting baking soda in coffee. This sounds a bit strange, and sort of like a downgrade from the creamer you might be used to adding, but there is actually some pretty sound logic behind this. In the following paragraphs, we’ll explain the main...

The Link Between Oral Health and Heart Attacks

oral health and heart attacks
While you may suspect they are unrelated to one another, there may be a link between oral health and heart attacks that you need to be aware of. This sounds incredibly strange, but when we explain the science behind the relationship, you will understand. Let’s start by quickly talking about oral health in general, starting with how your mouth works. A Quick...

The Cause Of Sharp Needle Like Pain In Knee When Kneeling

Sharp Needle Like Pain In Knee
Sharp needle like pain in your knee when kneeling can be debilitating and concerning, on top of the intense, painful sensations it causes. If you work a profession where you are constantly kneeling down, such as a mechanic or plumber, it can prevent you from getting to work. Or, maybe you’re an athlete worried about your career. Whatever the case, we...

Causes & Treatment For Pain In The Right Side Of The Throat

Pain In The Right Side Of The Throat
If you are feeling pain in the right side of your throat, and not the left, it can be puzzling. Usually, a sore throat from allergies or an illness are felt uniformly. You are used to sore throats being felt evenly on the left and the right side. But, there are some cases where you will have pain on only...

Is Fruit Juice Actually Unhealthy For You?

fruit juice unhealthy
While many of us reach for a fruit juice with the intention to enjoy a healthy drink, it might be time to remove those from our fridge. We were always told that fruit is a healthy snack. And for the most part, it is! But, when you blend these fruits up and consume them in the form of juice, do...

What You Should Know About Red Light Therapy & Aging

red light therapy
There are constantly new trends popping up claiming they can reverse the affects of mother time. One of the more peculiar ones to surface recently is red light therapy. People are claiming that exposing yourself to red light can have profound effects on your skin - creating a youthful glow and decreasing wrinkles, imperfections, and more. Is there any truth behind...

The Dangers Of Green Smoothies

Dangers Of Green Smoothies
While you may be under the impression that your daily green smoothies are doing you nothing but good, this may not be the case, In fact, there are quite a few potential dangers of green smoothies that the general public are not privy to. How can this be, when all the inputs of your green smoothie - kale, spinach, chard, collards,...

Why You Need To Exercise To Make You Look Younger

Exercise To Make You Look Younger
Put the creams and roll-on products down for a moment - because perhaps one of the best anti-aging approaches is exercise to make you look younger. The beauty industry makes a killing on your insecurities, selling you products that claim to mask wrinkles or remove bags under your eyes. But, these are not always great to put on your skin, and...

The Relationship Between Coffee & Cancer

Coffee and Cancer
Most of us start our mornings with a cup of coffee, so it’s fair to ponder what impact this has on our health long term. For the most part, the consensus is that black coffee is healthy. But can too much of a good thing, be a bad thing? We’re going to teach share everything we know about the relationship between...

Cancer Fighting Foods That Could Save Your Life

cancer fighting foods
There is no question that your diet plays a direct role in your health. And these days, you’d be right to assume most things on the shelves at your local grocery store are bad for you. But, there are certain foods that go above and beyond nourishing your body. In fact, there are some cancer fighting foods you likely...

Study Reveals This “Healthy” Drink Increases Cancer Risk By 18% (And It’s Probably Sitting In Your Refrigerator Right Now)

Here’s a scary thought: Is there a drink sitting in your fridge right now that could skyrocket your cancer risk? Based on a new study published in The British Medical Journal, the answer for millions of Americans is “yes.” Worst part is, for years, we’ve been led to believe this beverage is “healthy.” Most folks drink it daily. Some happily pour out a glass...

Walking vs. Running

You already know that any movement you do gives your mood a big boost and makes a big difference in your weight loss efforts. There’s no shortage of ways to move your body, but you may be wondering if your time is better spent walking or running? Either one is good, but which one is better? When it comes to only how many calories you burn...

Lower Back Pain So Bad You Can Barely Walk?

lower back pain can barely walk
If you have lower back pain and can barely walk because of it, there is likely something serious going on. Not only are you in agony, but you cannot move. This means you are stuck laying down or seated all day, and can’t get done any of the things you need to. In this instance, you should really see a doctor...

Starting an Exercise Routine: Exercise for Beginners Over 50

For individuals turning 50 — or those who have seen 50 come and go already — it can be intimidating to start a fitness routine. Especially if you haven’t really been active before. You may find yourself asking, “is it too late to start?” Luckily, it’s not. Starting an exercise routine, regardless of age, helps support a healthy lifestyle and increase...