How to Combat Surging Long Term Care Insurance Rates

Long-term care insurance, also known as senior care insurance, can be costly. Unfortunately, it’s also very necessary for those who need daily care. People are living longer, but not always healthier, lives. This causes premiums to rise and policyholders to suffer the consequences. There are ways to keep plans more affordable, but they still may … Read more

Nursing Home Signs You May Not Be Noticing

As the population ages, more family members find themselves taking care of elderly parents, grandparents or other loved ones. It can be difficult to care for loved ones while working, caring for your children, and keeping up with social commitments. You will likely arrive at a crossroads where you’re forced to ask “when is it … Read more

Greatest Life Expectancy Around the World

For humans, the worldwide average for life expectancy at birth is 71.4 years old. But depending on your country of birth, that number can increase. Residents of island countries and countries near the coast tend to live longer than residents of landlocked locales. Japan, Italy, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Monaco all have a life expectancy … Read more

Learning the Importance and Benefits of Senior Organizations

AARP is a reputable non-profit organization that began operating in 1958. The AARP strives to enhance and support the lives of today’s 50-plus population. AARP has also been an advocate for positive social change. But “positive social change” doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone. With nearly 38 million members and an active presence in the … Read more

Seniors Can Now Lower the Potential of Identity Theft with MySSA

Signing up for MySSA and using it regularly can now help reduce identity theft risks that have plagued senior citizens for years.  Metlife Mature Market Institute estimates that senior citizens lose a minimum of $2.9 billion a year to identity thieves. There are several ways a criminal can steal someone’s identity, and elders were particularly susceptible … Read more

What Sandwich Generation Issues Can Do to Families

The Sandwich Generation is growing in astonishing numbers. It’s causing millennials to become caregivers for their young children and elderly parents. Although many do what they need to without a second thought, they usually don’t have it easy. The job comes with the incredible financial and emotional strain that can take a toll on families. … Read more