About Health Report

Our Mission

We created Health Report Live because we understand first-hand how difficult it can be to find accurate and helpful health and wellness advice. Our founders have over 20 years of combined expertise in the health industry.

Our team is comprised of passionate professionals who have helped hundreds of people optimize their health. We’re focused on improving the quality of life to our readers. Our mission to help you live the pain free life you deserve.

We’ve taken our shared experiences with medical research and physical training to deliver the most comprehensive set of resources to provide the best care for our readers.

We employ a rigorous editorial process for all our content. At Health Report, we value accuracy, actionable insights, and results. So our editorial team has a 3 step review process.

Meet Our Founder

Health Report is run by Stevie Compagno and Sean Byers, MD, two nationally recognized fitness and medical professionals.

We focus on ensuring our content is factual and medically accurate. With Stevie’s expertise in physical training and nutrition, and Sean’s professional medical background in Internal Medicine, we are confident that Health Report will be your go to resource.

Stevie Compagno

About Stevie Compagno Jr.

Stevie Compagno is an ASFA Certified, Professional Health and Nutrition Coach with years of hands on experience. Stevie is also the Founder of SCFIT, a personal training company offering virtual and in person training sessions.

He grew up right outside San Francisco in an area called Marin County. I graduated from Sonoma State in 2014 with a  Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology.

My hobbies are mountain biking and surfing and spending quality time with family. Not only do I like giving back to my clients by helping transform their physique I also participate in a weekly garbage cleanup. Where we pick up any trash around the neighborhood.

Stevie has been recognized and featured on:

  • Max Muscle Sports Top 10 Online Fitness Companies of 2019
  • Evolution Nutrition Certified
  • Trainerize HQ – Trainer proves metrics such as “likes and followers” has nothing to do with building a successful fitness practice.
  • Published on CBS

Connect with Stevie and SCFIT

Our Medical Advisors

Sean Byers, MD

Sean Byers, MD

Internal Medicine

Sean Byers is currently a Resident in the Internal Medicine program at UTMB.  He studied at the University of Queensland School of Medicine as well as received his Master’s in Public Health with a focus in epidemiology and biostatistics at the University of Southern California.

His background is in biology, computer science, public health, and internal medicine.

Sean has been recognized and featured on:

Dean Volk, PT

Dean Volk, PT

Physical Therapist & Sports Medicine

Dean graduated with a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy from Northern Arizona University in 1992, and has been practicing for more than 30 years. He furthered his studies with numerous post-graduate courses focusing on the shoulder, knee, and back, with a strong emphasis in manual therapy.

Dean specializes in sciatica and back pain, and has established himself as an International Sciatica Relief Expert.

Our Editorial Process

Our editorial process was put in place so that everyone has the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about their well-being. Our editorial team takes great care in providing you with reliable, unbiased information – all without judgement! We want our readers to have a comprehensive understanding of health and feel empowered when taking charge of their own wellbeing.

The editorial team works hard to manage all of our content, from fresh articles on timeless topics, up-to-date news and information coverage, to regular updates that ensure the accuracy and trustworthiness of what we offer.

We use a step process

  1. Researched & written by journalists or medical professionals
  2. Fact checked
  3. Medically reviewed by our medical advisors
  4. Kept updated with any new medical advancements

Meet Our Editorial Team

Graham Byers

Graham Byers

Editorial Director

Graham leads our programs to ensure content accuracy and quality. He manages our journalists and oversees content.