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Health Report is run by Stevie Compagno, a ASFA Certified, Professional Health and Nutrition Coach. Stevie is also the Founder of SCFIT, a personal training company offering virtual and in person training sessions.

Stevie has been recognized and featured on:

  • Max Muscle Sports Top 10 Online Fitness Companies of 2019
  • Evolution Nutrition Certified
  • Trainerize HQ – Trainer proves metrics such as “likes and followers” has nothing to do with building a successful fitness practice.
Stevie Compango

About Stevie Compagno

I grew up right outside San Francisco in an area called Marin County. I graduated from Sonoma State in 2014 with a  Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology.

My hobbies are mountain biking and surfing and spending quality time with family. Not only do I like giving back to my clients by helping transform their physique I also participate in a weekly garbage cleanup. Where we pick up any trash around the neighborhood.

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