Is Fruit Juice Actually Unhealthy For You?

fruit juice unhealthy
While many of us reach for a fruit juice with the intention to enjoy a healthy drink, it might be time to remove those from our fridge. We were always told that fruit is a healthy snack. And for the most part, it is! But, when you blend these fruits up and consume them in the form of juice, do...

What You Should Know About Red Light Therapy & Aging

red light therapy
There are constantly new trends popping up claiming they can reverse the affects of mother time. One of the more peculiar ones to surface recently is red light therapy. People are claiming that exposing yourself to red light can have profound effects on your skin - creating a youthful glow and decreasing wrinkles, imperfections, and more. Is there any truth behind...

The Dangers Of Green Smoothies

Dangers Of Green Smoothies
While you may be under the impression that your daily green smoothies are doing you nothing but good, this may not be the case, In fact, there are quite a few potential dangers of green smoothies that the general public are not privy to. How can this be, when all the inputs of your green smoothie - kale, spinach, chard, collards,...

Why You Need To Exercise To Make You Look Younger

Exercise To Make You Look Younger
Put the creams and roll-on products down for a moment - because perhaps one of the best anti-aging approaches is exercise to make you look younger. The beauty industry makes a killing on your insecurities, selling you products that claim to mask wrinkles or remove bags under your eyes. But, these are not always great to put on your skin, and...

The Relationship Between Coffee & Cancer

Coffee and Cancer
Most of us start our mornings with a cup of coffee, so it’s fair to ponder what impact this has on our health long term. For the most part, the consensus is that black coffee is healthy. But can too much of a good thing, be a bad thing? We’re going to teach share everything we know about the relationship between...

Cancer Fighting Foods That Could Save Your Life

cancer fighting foods
There is no question that your diet plays a direct role in your health. And these days, you’d be right to assume most things on the shelves at your local grocery store are bad for you. But, there are certain foods that go above and beyond nourishing your body. In fact, there are some cancer fighting foods you likely...

Study Reveals This “Healthy” Drink Increases Cancer Risk By 18% (And It’s Probably Sitting In Your Refrigerator Right Now)

Here’s a scary thought: Is there a drink sitting in your fridge right now that could skyrocket your cancer risk? Based on a new study published in The British Medical Journal, the answer for millions of Americans is “yes.” Worst part is, for years, we’ve been led to believe this beverage is “healthy.” Most folks drink it daily. Some happily pour out a glass...

Walking vs. Running

You already know that any movement you do gives your mood a big boost and makes a big difference in your weight loss efforts. There’s no shortage of ways to move your body, but you may be wondering if your time is better spent walking or running? Either one is good, but which one is better? When it comes to only how many calories you burn...

Lower Back Pain So Bad You Can Barely Walk?

lower back pain can barely walk
If you have lower back pain and can barely walk because of it, there is likely something serious going on. Not only are you in agony, but you cannot move. This means you are stuck laying down or seated all day, and can’t get done any of the things you need to. In this instance, you should really see a doctor...

Starting an Exercise Routine: Exercise for Beginners Over 50

For individuals turning 50 — or those who have seen 50 come and go already — it can be intimidating to start a fitness routine. Especially if you haven’t really been active before. You may find yourself asking, “is it too late to start?” Luckily, it’s not. Starting an exercise routine, regardless of age, helps support a healthy lifestyle and increase...