SciatiEase Labs Review (Does SciatiEase Work?)

I’ve suffered from lower back pain for the last 8 years. It’s something I’ve come to terms and have learned to live with. Caused by our modern diets and a sedentary lifestyle, any type of chronic pain, especially back pain, is almost unavoidable these days. 

So when I saw an ad for a supplement that can alleviate my back pain, I was all ears. What also grabbed my attention about SciatiEase is how it may also target sciatica pain which my sister happens to deal with daily. I’ve put together my thoughts, so here is my SciatiEase Labs review.

After reading through what SciatiEase is promising to do, I first did some research to see if there were any ScaitiEase complaints or SciatiEase reviews.

I found out it’s made by SciatiEase Labs which I found good reviews and I decided to buy the 3 bottle package and split it with my sister. It did seem a little expensive, but I saw they offer a 6 month money back guarantee.

But the big question still remained… Does SciatiEase really work?

So How Does SciatiEase Work?

I am sure you are familiar with the burning, the stabbing, and the shooting of sciatic nerve pain.

Imagine that sciatica is a small controlled forest fire in the base of your spine. But when that fire gets bigger & out of control… it starts to wreak havoc! And causes those shockwaves of pain down the spine and legs… (not good!)

Even a teeny-tiny ember can flare up causing an explosion of pain. If you were to ask any expert how to avoid a forest fire… they would tell you these two steps…

Step 1) Avoid the Initial Spark (That Triggers the Fire)

Step 2) Clear the Dead Brush (to Prevent the Spread of the Fire)

And when it comes to treating sciatic nerve pain, we must take that same exact approach…

Step 1) Avoid Inflammation (That Triggers the Pain)

Step 2) Heal the Dead/Damaged Nerves (to Prevent the Spread of the Pain)

It took about 4 days for my bottles to come. Everything was packaged nice and neatly, and even came with a 15% off coupon for reorders.

The instructions say to take 3 capsules daily. Since both my sister and I experience the most pain in the morning, we’re going to take 2 in the morning and 1 in the evening. 

I took a look at the ingredient list and researched a few of them. What I found is that SciatiEase is made up of all natural ingredients which are almost impossible to get in a modern diet.

How Well Did SciatiEase Work for Back Pain?

My low back pain isn’t from an injury or accident. It gradually built up from living everyday life. Like I mentioned before, some type of chronic pain is almost unavoidable as you get older. I just happen to feel most of mine in my lower back.

In all honesty, during the first 5 days of taking SciatiEase I didn’t feel a difference. It wasn’t until the end of the week on the sixth day where I noticed my back felt a lot less stiff.

By the 2nd week I was hooked. What used to be a daily nagging/tugging feeling in my back, now feels like amazing. Taking the 2 capsules in the morning and one in the evening worked for me. I barely notice my back pain now.

After my first month taking SciatiEase, and the results have kept steady. I plan on continuing my dosage and regimen. Another plus is I haven’t experienced any SciatiEase side effects.

Luckily, my sister also experienced something similar with her Sciatica.

SciatiEase Capsules

How Well Did SciatiEase Work for Sciatic Nerve Pain?

I asked my sister to explain her Sciatica pain to me. She said it “runs from my hip down the right side. Sometimes I can barely get out of bed, and I have a real sharp burning in my foot”.

She’s tried anti-inflammatories and other pain relievers and does Yoga everyday to target her sciatica pain. So adding in SciatiEase to her pain relief routine was easy. 

Like me, the first week she didn’t notice a difference. I wasn’t until the 4th week when she really felt the effects. 

“I’m amazed how well SciatiEase worked. I’d say my nerve pain is at a 4/10 when it used to be a 10/10. I still stretch and do yoga everyday, but SciatiEase is now apart of my arsenal.”


My sister and I are very pleased with SciatEase. At first I thought it was rather expensive, but with the results we both experienced, it’s very much worth it. 

I plan on using my 15% they gave me for a reorder as soon as I run out. I have about a week supply left, and I am very happy with the product. I’m so glad my sister found relief in it as well. Hearing her go on and on about her sciatica pain just sounded like a horrendous situation. 

To anyone who is also looking to try out SciatiEase, I say go for it and give it about 2-3 weeks to really kick in. Best of all they do offer a 6 month money back guarantee. 

I recommend getting the 3 bottle package which should last a single person about 3 months. 

So where is ScaitiEase for sale? Well…

Here’s the link from where I bought from:

Get SciatiEase here >>>

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