Stop Slouching! The Secret to Perfect Posture

To some, it may seem that those who appear to have perfect posture can do so seamlessly and easily. They carry themselves with grace and dignity and have good posture everywhere they go. But in most cases, good posture or having the perfect posture form takes practice and mindfulness of your every movement when you want to stand tall. Good posture or having the right form isn’t always about looking great.

Having poor posture or slouching on occasion, or as your natural form, can have a detrimental impact on your overall health. Perfect posture is not difficult to attain, and it is never too late to start working on good posture. 

When you begin to pay attention to it, you will find the benefits of good posture within just a few weeks. You’ll look better, feel more confident, and be in a better mood. You’ll also have better health. If you need to practice your posture until it looks as natural as confidence feels, use this guide to learn more about the secrets to better and perfect posture.

The Dangers of Slouching

There are some dangers of slouching that not many people are aware of. Good posture is not just about having an aligned spine and a confident stature. Having a bad posture or slouching by nature can be dangerous to your health. Chronic slouching or poor posture will negatively impact the way your organs sit in your body, and how they also function.

Our skeletons are designed to stand tall. With poor posture over time, your spine may become shaped such that it becomes S-shaped and this will put additional pressure on some of your internal organ systems. Our spine can absorb some shock and was structured so that it could. When we slouch, poor posture will impact this feature of our bodies and put our spines at risk of injury.

You might also experience chronic back pain or headaches when you have poor posture. You might feel it in the upper back or your shoulders, and the tension might creep into your neck and give you neck pain. When you have consistently poor posture, you will likely experience pain right below your neck, and in your tailbone. If you sit in the same position all day, you will notice this more.

Slouching results in the shoulders hunching and with your head facing downwards. You could experience tension headaches or neck pain regularly. General confidence has a lot to do with this. When you feel better about your day, you may not slouch so much, making mindfulness an important part of maintaining good posture.

Posture also affects our breathing, negatively and positively depending on our posture at the time. You may notice that singers and artists who speak or use their vocal cords regularly will have good posture. Having curvatures or slouches in the back or shoulder area will depress your sternum, which will make it difficult for the sternum to expand completely when you are breathing. You will put additional pressure on your rib cage and make breathing difficult.

If the range of motion in your core is limited, then you will find that your diaphragm can’t move the way it should, and you will experience lower lung capacity. This will impact how you breathe, and how you sound when you talk. Your back and abdominal muscles will be limited, and this limits the way you can expand the muscles and organ systems that you need to breathe properly. Breathing is one area of our health impacted by poor posture, but our digestion system will also experience similar limitations when we are slouching a little bit.

You may find that you have incontinence or constipation when you have poor posture. You may also find that you experience heartburn more regularly, and have a slower digestive process when you are slouching. Because your muscles are contracting differently when you slouch, the abdominal pressure that you need to keep your bladder functioning properly won’t be there. Having perfect posture will help to ensure that these body systems are working the way that they need to.

Benefits of Perfect Posture

There are many benefits of perfect posture, and good posture will help your body and also your mind and soul. Good posture is not just about walking tall when you enter a room, but it is also about how you sit and even how you lie down. When you are slouching, you are placing additional stress on many organ systems and muscle systems as well, and you will find it hard to relax. With practice and very simple exercises, you can strengthen these muscles and force them to work with you so that you have good posture whether you are sitting, standing, or lying down.

With good posture, you will find that your overall balance will improve, and you will find it easier to perform many daily tasks. Your mobility isn’t compromised by a few different areas of your body that are working towards the slouch. You will decrease your risk of injury and falling and will be more graceful by nature. You’ll also experience less back pain and neck pain which may reduce any headache incidents that you may have.

Having a better posture will result in additional health benefits like better sleep and less fatigue. Slouching causes energy whether we realize that is happening or not. When you are using your muscles and spine the way they are meant to be used, you will find the risk of injury lower. Additionally, you allow your circulatory system to work the way that it is designed to, and you will have better breathing overall.

Among the most important benefits of good posture is the confidence it will give you and the changes you will experience in your overall mental well-being. You will feel better when you stand or sit taller, and feel more mentally ready to take on tasks and challenges. By having good posture, you are standing or sitting in a way that improves your focus and your mind. Good posture helps you achieve more mental clarity, and you feel better and happier when you are sitting or standing upright.

Understanding the Causes of Slouching

There are many causes of slouching, and the technological revolution has not exactly helped us here. We have become a sedentary world in North America, and in some cases, we have to. We are working longer hours or spending more time looking at screens, and this can impact our posture. Many Americans use technology for more than 10 hours a day, and this is forcing us to slouch a little bit without us even realizing it.

That is because using our phones a lot has forced us to look downward more often than we used to. Watching television can also lead to shoulders that appear stooped and several back issues that can take years to heal or correct. Sitting in chairs that do not have ergonomic support for several hours a day will negatively impact your posture as well. Additionally, if you typically have weaker muscles in the shoulders and upper back, then you may also experience slouching or posture problems later in life.

Injury can also be the cause of poor posture, and so can health problems that result in multiple surgeries. Desk workers are not the only ones impacted by poor posture. If you are always on the couch as you recover from illnesses, you may develop poor posture. If you are sedentary regularly, get into the habit of moving around more.

Other causes of poor posture are wrong footwear and chronic stress. People who wear high heels regularly may be able to pull it off, but this can also result in joint issues that lead to poor posture. You also want to have shoes that fit well and are comfortable. Chronic stress or anxiety will also play a role in your posture, as these emotional states will impact your confidence, and you may find that you slouch a little bit more as a result.

When you live a life where you are more aware of your posture and mindful of your overall mood, you may start to think your way into perfect posture. Mindfulness in your moments is important and can help to lift your mind and soul and give you better confidence. Being aware of your posture will make a significant difference in resolving those issues. Add more ergonomic changes to a sedentary life, and you are well on the way to perfect posture.

Practical Tips for Posture Improvement

Posture improvement can be accomplished easily. The hardest part is remembering that you have to do it. When you are aware that your posture could be negatively impacted by your mood or how you sit at work, it will be easier to work on the things that you need to work on to improve your posture. In addition to exercises you can perform and things you can physically practice, do more things in your days that make you feel confident.

When you feel confident, the energy in your body is designed to lead you to naturally stand taller. Focus on things that make you happier. Know what good posture looks like, and begin implementing that look into your daily routine. You want to go into your day with your chin parallel to the floor and with even shoulders.

Even shoulders means that your shoulders aren’t rolled or hunched. You also don’t want to have an overarching spine. Keep it straight whenever you possibly can. Pay attention to your core muscles and your abdominal muscles and how they are aligned, and you will find that with straighter shoulders and a straighter core, good posture naturally follows.

Incorporating Posture Habits into Daily Life

Having good posture is simply a matter of paying more attention to getting perfect posture, and implementing tips to do so. It is never too late to start thinking about this. Once you begin to incorporate posture habits into your daily life, it will become natural, and you won’t have to worry about it so much anymore. Keep your shoulders back and down, and your head back when you are sitting.

If you sit for long periods at a desk or on the couch, pay attention to what is happening on your neck and shoulders. One good exercise is to squeeze the backs of your shoulders if you can for 30 seconds at a time. This will help to strengthen those muscles and help you to build good posture naturally. Practice thinking of pushing your belly button towards your spine when you are standing or sitting for long periods.

Do this for 30 seconds at a time as well, and you will strengthen the muscles you need to have good posture. You can also add support to your work or life situations that can help. Lumbar pillows and support can help to improve your posture significantly. Get into the habit of practicing these daily tips, and within a month or two, perfect posture will seem as effortless to you as it seems for the movie stars and Grammy singers of the world.

Practice Perfect Posture

With diligence, you can see the effects of good posture exercises within a month or two. You may even begin to feel the difference good posture makes on the first day that you start it. Good posture will help your overall health, and ease some problems like back or neck pain, headaches, breathing problems, and digestive issues. Perfect posture may not solve every health problem that you have, but it will help you to feel better overall significantly and give you more confidence as you face your daily tasks.

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Stevie Compango, CNSC, CPT

Stevie is Certified Nutrition Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer for the past 10 years. He specializes in mobility and chronic pain management. His methods have helped thousands of clients improve the quality of their life through movement.

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