Learning the Importance and Benefits of Senior Organizations

AARP is a reputable non-profit organization that began operating in 1958. The AARP strives to enhance and support the lives of today’s 50-plus population. AARP has also been an advocate for positive social change. But “positive social change” doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone.

With nearly 38 million members and an active presence in the media, it’s easy to assume that AARP is the only senior citizen organization in America. It’s not. If you don’t agree with AARP’s priorities and values, and you need to join a senior citizen group, you may want to explore these conservative AARP alternatives.

Association Of Mature American Citizens

The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) was established in 2007 as the “conservative AARP.” AMAC’s goal is to represent seniors whose core beliefs are not being represented by other organizations. AMAC has more than one million members, and strongly supports the traditional American values of faith, family, and freedom.

AMAC relies on member input to determine the initiatives it will pursue before the U.S. Congress. AMAC exists mainly to support Americans age 50 and over, but it will allow associate members under the age of 50. Associate members enjoy many of the same benefits as the 50-plus members. AMAC advocates for issues of importance to senior citizens, such as:

  • Social Security
  • Taxes
  • Government Growth
  • Medical Care
  • National Debt
  • Immigration

AMAC offers an extensive list of competitively priced insurance products and various discounts. One membership fee covers an individual and their spouse.

60 Plus Foundation

Established in 1992, 60 Plus Foundation is another conservative alternative to AARP. This organization advocates for smaller government and lower taxes. It believes that government solutions are inefficient, expensive, and do not stand the test of time. Its top priorities are ending the federal estate tax (or death tax) and preserving Social Security for today’s seniors and generations to come.

60 Plus Foundation has over 500,000 members. Membership is free, but members have the option to make contributions. 60 Plus Foundation does not offer benefits, but rather it serves as a resource and an advocate for issues and concerns of the senior population, such as:

  • Medicare
  • Retirement Planning
  • Economic Security
  • Senior Safety
  • Elder Abuse
  • Housing and Care Facilities

American Seniors Organization

The American Seniors Association (ASA) is committed to helping its members enjoy all rights and freedoms as stated in the Constitution. It aims to provide members with information, choices, benefits and services so they can live their lives to the fullest potential.

ASA stands upon 5 Foundations, with clear expectations for each one:

  • Rebuild National Values – American laws and community standards should always seek to protect senior citizens, their safety, freedoms, and opportunities.
  • Social Security – Social Security must be adequate and secure, retirement savings plans should be simplified, and all Americans should have the option to save for retirement.
  • Medicare – Medicare should be reformed to protect the health and security of American seniors, and the elderly should be able to select from various plans that best fit their needs.
  • Tax Code – Taxes on retirement savings should be lowered, contribution limits should be higher, and the tax code should be stabilized.
  • Control Government Overspending – Wasteful spending of American tax dollars must be stopped. This spending negatively impacts our economy and makes it difficult for any age group to save for retirement.

The annual cost for ASA membership is $15. ASA offers an extensive list of member benefits and discounts.

The Senior Coalition

The Senior Coalition (TSC) was founded in 1990. TSC is a non-partisan, non-profit education and advocacy organization. The Senior Coalition believes it is the organization that actually represents the values and political views of senior citizens throughout the United States and has over four million supporters representing every state in the union.

TSC offers a variety benefits and discounts. Annual membership costs $10 for an individual and $13 for couples. Since care and support for seniors is a high priority for TSC, they do not have a membership age requirement.

National Association Of Conservative Seniors

The National Association of Conservative Seniors (NAOCS) firmly believes in America’s future, and was established to achieve two critical missions:

  • Make life easier for American senior citizens. NAOCS believes that to get the most out of life, benefits and other services must be readily available for seniors. When this aspect of life is simplified, seniors are free to enjoy family, friends, faith, and freedom.
  • Preserve conservative values in America. NAOCS acts as an advocate for the interests and concerns of senior citizens.

NAOCS offers two membership levels: Silver and Gold. The Silver membership is free for the first year and provides access to all NAOCS benefits and discounts. The Gold membership costs $5 per month, includes all Silver level benefits, and gives members the option to communicate directly with politicians and elected officials.

Alliance For Retired Americans

The Alliance for Retired Americans (ARO) was founded in 2001 with the goal of addressing three key issues affecting senior citizens:

  • Economic Security
  • Retirement Security
  • Health Care Security

ARO does not offer member benefits and discounts, and they ask that members act as advocates and educators on these issues in their communities. The membership fee is a one-time contribution of $10, and members have the option to make additional contributions.

The Christian Association Of Primetimers

The Christian Association of Primetimers (CAP) is similar to other conservative senior citizen organizations, without the political activity. CAP states that they are “your Christian alternative to AARP.” You do not need to be a Christian to join, but CAP does expect team members to uphold their Statement of Faith..

CAP offers an array of member benefits, as well as discounts on church supplies, ministry resources, and Christian books and magazines. You can also submit prayer requests through their website. Annual membership is $14.95 per year for an individual and their spouse.

Choosing An Organization

All of the organizations listed above present themselves as conservative alternatives to AARP. They have similar priorities and values, but there are different membership costs, benefits, discounts, and organizational structures. There are also differing levels of political involvement with each one.

Taking the time to evaluate senior organizations and their offerings can help you choose the one that best suits your goals and needs. Doing so will increase the likelihood of long-term membership, and you will feel confident you are contributing to what matters most to you.

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Stevie Compango, CNSC, CPT

Stevie is Certified Nutrition Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer for the past 10 years. He specializes in mobility and chronic pain management. His methods have helped thousands of clients improve the quality of their life through movement.

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