Why You Need To Exercise To Make You Look Younger

Put the creams and roll-on products down for a moment – because perhaps one of the best anti-aging approaches is exercise to make you look younger.

The beauty industry makes a killing on your insecurities, selling you products that claim to mask wrinkles or remove bags under your eyes.

But, these are not always great to put on your skin, and many of them don’t work well in the first place. Exercise, on the other hand, renders incredible results.

Better yet? It’s FREE, and you can feel good about it knowing you aren’t adversely affecting the environment or the low-wage workers who produced those products you were considering using.

We’ll share our top exercises for anti-aging, including some specific face exercises that many people have gotten outstanding results from. Let’s start with some research backing up our claims.

How Exercise Can Make You Look Younger

The ways exercise can make you look younger are plentiful. Working out can have profound effects on your skin, improving the texture and glow.

Working out can also help you feel younger, though, by improving your flexibility and mobility, keeping your body feeling nice and loose.

You’ll also enjoy benefits in your physical appearance as you burn calories and build muscle, and improve your posture, decrease stress, etc. 

Now, let’s share some of our favorite exercises to help you look younger!

The Best Exercises To Make You Look Younger

Here are some exercises you can do with just your bodyweight, or light dumbbells or kettlebells. These are going to help rejuvenate you, and improve many different aspects of your life. Let’s start with some whole body exercises.


Squats should be a staple in any exercise routine. They primarily work your lower body muscles, but their effects can be felt in your upper body as well, especially your core.


Another great lower body exercise is the lunge. These are a more isolated exercise, so you won’t need as much weight. They will really help with your stability and balance.


Planks are a great workout for your core, and they’re great if you don’t have any equipment. When you think of your core, you might think of your abs – but your core is actually much more inclusive, with benefits reaching your back, sides, intra-abdominal muscles, and more.

Facial Exercises To Decrease Wrinkles

Now, some people are worried more so about their face aging than the rest of their body. Fear not, as there are a few exercises that can help your face too!

If you’ve never seen or heard of face exercises before, it might sound a bit strange. But there are muscles in your face, just like the rest of your body, so put them to use!

You can do specific exercises for your eyes, to make yourself look more awake/alert and get rid of those bags. You can also do exercises with your cheeks, forehead, and jawline to improve their conditions.

These are a bit tough to define over text, so you may want to look these up on YouTube for a video guide to ensure you’re doing these right.

But one thing is for sure – adding some of these into your daily routine will help you look younger, with no adverse effects. So give them a try!

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Stevie Compango, CNSC, CPT

Stevie is Certified Nutrition Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer for the past 10 years. He specializes in mobility and chronic pain management. His methods have helped thousands of clients improve the quality of their life through movement.

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