Unlocking Calm: Natural Remedies for Tremors That Work 

A tremor is a bodily response to something that is happening in the body. A tremor occurs when your hand or another part of your body begins to shake with a rhythm. The most common area of the body for this to occur are the hands, but your legs and feet can also experience this. 

The condition of a tremor is typically a neurological condition, and in many cases, the causes are not known. However, there is a wide range of treatments for them that can help ease the unsettling nature of tremors.

Natural remedies for tremors can help considerably. These include herbal remedies and homeopathic methods that will help to ease the nerves to relax the neurological and muscular mechanisms causing the tremor. Natural remedies make it easy to cope with the emotional toll of tremors and have fewer side effects than conventional medication. This guide will tell you everything that you need to know about natural remedies for tremors you can try to relax them today.

Understanding Tremors

There are a few different kinds of tremors and they each have their own different cause. When you are being diagnosed with a tremor disorder, your doctor will look into the type and frequency, as well as the location of the tremor to come up with the best treatment plan for you.

Essential tremors are a kind of tremor that do not have a known cause and are benign or harmless. These will typically occur in the arms and hands when you are either moving or standing still. You may see them in your legs. Essential tremors typically begin after the age of 40 in both men and women and are often inherited. These are tremors that will go away with time. Natural remedies for tremors work well on essential tremors.

A Parkinson’s tremor is like an essential tremor but is related to Parkinson’s disease. Not everyone with Parkinson’s will experience the tremor, but approximately 80 percent of people with Parkinson’s will. This tremor is most noticeable when the hands are resting. With Parkinson’s, you can learn how to get rid of tremors in hands with both medical treatments and also with natural remedies for tremors.

A psychogenic tremor is a tremor that is typically most noticeable or caused by stressful conditions. These tremors occur when you get overly anxious about something, and then go away when the stress does. Natural remedies will work well on this type of tremor that is caused by anxiety. Seek remedies that help to ease stress and anxiety symptoms and you may experience fewer tremors caused by stress.

A neurological condition that causes a stroke or tumor may also cause a tremor, known as cerebella tremor. This kind of tremor is a slower tremor that impacts the extremities. The cerebella tremor occurs after a movement, such as pushing a button or picking something up. The physiological response triggers a shaking in the body due to the issue that is happening in the brain.

This kind of tremor that begins after you do something is called an action tremor. Here, the tremor begins when you reach for or touch something. Another kind of tremor is the postural tremor which begins after you have been standing or holding your body a specific way. These kinds of tremors can happen in healthy people with no neurological issues.

Anxiety and fatigue are other triggers of tremors. Tremors are not dangerous problems but they can cause issues in your everyday life. It may become difficult to talk on the phone or hold objects in your everyday life if they get very bad. The most conventional medical approaches for tremors are medications that can help as beta-blockers or anti-seizure drugs.

You may also want to try Botox on muscles that have tremors regularly. Adaptive devices that are devices designed to improve tremors can also help. These are weighted items that make it difficult for your body to move when tremors are happening.

Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies have been used for thousands of years to treat a wide range of conditions, and tremors are no different. Natural remedies for tremors can be found in both homeopathic methods and with vitamins and supplements. In one study with 69 participants, 48 of them showed improvement or cessation of their tremors using herbal remedies and natural treatments such as herbal medicines like Valerian root.

Taking 120 to 200 mg three times daily of Valerian can help calm the mind and body and ease tremors. This will also help patients suffering from sleep problems and anxiety that may be triggering tremors. Valerian is very similar to the medical treatment known as Valium but brings fewer physiological side effects. The best time to take it is at bedtime.

Vitamins called Omega-3 fatty acids can be helpful when treating the causes of tremors. These vitamins will help the myelin sheaths of nerve cells to become less inflamed, and thus calm tremors naturally. The most common recommendation for Omega-3 dosages is 1.6 to 2 grams daily. You can get this from your diet, but can also purchase it as a supplement over the counter.

Lavender is another common herbal remedy for tremors, as it targets the anxiety that is caused by tremors. It also targets the anxiety that tremors cause. Lavender can help to relieve the muscles as well, and bring tremors much relief. There is no dosage guideline for lavender, as you can not consume too much. You can find lavender in tea and made into many foods. You can also use essential oils and candles to bring lavender into your home or office to ease stress during the day.

Lecithin is another herbal remedy that functions as a vitamin to work on the fat cells of the body. When it is in the body, it is converted into a chemical that helps with nerve impulses. This vitamin can calm down tremors considerably and is best used over a long period of time.

For most herbal remedies, you want to talk to your doctor before you take anything. This is most important if you already suffer from pre-existing medical conditions or are taking medication. Some herbal remedies can interact with medication and cause negative side effects, or make existing tremors worse. Talk to your doctor before you begin anything for your tremors.

Lifestyle Changes for Tremor Relief

There are many things that you can do in your everyday life to calm tremors. Lifestyle changes can make a significant improvement over how often your tremors occur, and how they impact your life. These include diet and caffeine use, and even improving your water intake daily can help.

The most common diet that is used for tremor relief is called the Mediterranean diet. This is a diet that is rich in vegetables and fruits. This is an ideal diet for people suffering from tremors because it prevents the degeneration of nerves, and is even helpful to prevent Alzheimer’s.

Cutting back on stimulants such as caffeine will help you to ease tremors naturally as well. Caffeine can make anyone jittery and jumpy and will make people with tremors more prone to them. When you are suffering from tremors, cut back on your chocolate and coffee or tea intake, and you may notice a difference in your tremors.

Finding ways to relieve stress in your life can help you to experience fewer tremors as well. Find ways to feel more support in your life, and lean on family and friends for stress reduction. Take long baths when you can, and find activities that you enjoy when tremors begin. Meditation and breathing techniques can also help. You will learn what techniques you use to relax and what helps your tremors most in time.

Other lifestyle factors you want to consider are quality sleep and physical activity. These simple lifestyle factors will keep you rested and less likely to experience tremors if you do not have a condition such as Parkinson’s. Blood flow to your extremities through physical activity can also help you to keep your tremors at bay, or relaxed during your everyday life. You don’t have to become a long-distance runner or athlete to stay active. Activities such as yoga or even a short walk every day can help to reduce your stress levels and keep your tremors at bay.

Homeopathic Solutions

Homeopathic solutions have helped people for thousands of years to overcome almost every ailment that we know of. They will also help with tremors. Solutions such as acupuncture and massage therapy can help to relax you physically so that your tremors aren’t as frequent.

Acupuncture is a treatment where many tiny and fine needles are applied to pressure points on the body. This releases endorphins and relaxants into the body and will help to calm tremors. It can help with tremors that are not related to a medical condition and should be used in conjunction with other treatment methods for many kinds of tremors.

Massage therapy and hydrotherapy are two other forms of homeopathic remedies that can help someone with tremors. These are natural remedies for tremors that target the anxiety that causes or triggers them. If you can get massages regularly you may find that you are more relaxed and see fewer massages. Massages will trigger a parasympathetic response that can also relax you at the moment, and provide long-term natural relief for tremors.

Most of these homeopathic remedies for tremors can help you to overcome tremors slowly and gradually. They are also most frequently performed by practitioners. When you are taking homeopathic remedies for tremors, you want to discuss your medical history with your healthcare professionals, even those providing homeopathic treatments. Your practitioners can help you to use homeopathy safely, and effectively.

Managing Tremors Daily

Daily management of tremors can be accomplished by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and participating in treatments that will help to calm your tremors. You want to avoid caffeine and stimulants such as alcohol and tobacco when you are suffering from tremors. Learn to make small tweaks in your everyday life to help you manage the tremors when they do arrive.

You may want to find an easier way or tool to do simple things like drink a cup of coffee or perform functions like online banking. Use weighted mugs for example when you are consuming hot beverages, and this will help to calm your tremors. Cups and mugs with straws can also help with issues such as this as well.

Online banking can help you pay bills easier than writing checks when your hands are shaking. If your tremors are very bad, you can change your clothing to clothing that does not require too many buttons or zippers.

Your support networks are a tremendous remedy for tremors as well. They want to be included in your journey to a happier and less stressful life. Lean on your friends and family when you are experiencing more stress levels, and you will find that you may experience fewer tremors.

Heal Tremors Naturally

When you are dealing with tremors, natural remedies for tremors can help tremendously. They may not cure the problem completely but can help you to relax and experience less stress in your life. Home remedies for tremors include lifestyle changes, more relaxation methods in your life, and leaning on your friends and family. You may also want to try some herbal remedies such as valerian or lavender that will help to relax you and prevent and ease tremors in the moment. Take control of your tremors instead of letting them control you with these natural remedies.

Sean Byers, MD

Sean Byers, MD

Sean Byers is currently a Resident in the Internal Medicine program at UTMB. He studied at the University of Queensland School of Medicine as well as received his Master’s in Public Health with a focus in epidemiology and biostatistics at the University of Southern California. His background is in biology, computer science, public health, and internal medicine.

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