4 Common Vitamin Deficiencies For Gray Hair 

vitamins can help grey hair

Gray hair is a natural part of maturing and happens to just about everybody; few people get away from life without at least some gray hair. However, that’s not quite how people perceive these silver hairs when they mature. Many people experience severe emotional health problems and self-esteem issues, while others are okay with it…it … Read more

Why Do Multivitamins Make Me Nauseous?

a woman wonders why vitamins make her nauseous

Multivitamin supplements are a great option even for people with a healthy and balanced diet. They provide concentrated doses of important nutrients and can boost vitamin D, vitamin C, and Omega-3 fatty acids. However, some people experience nausea when taking multivitamins, which can make it harder for them to meet their daily vitamin needs. But … Read more

The Best Natural Remedies to Fight Varicose Veins

a woman tries herbal remedies for varicose veins

Varicose veins are veins close to the skin that become bulged and enlarged due to high blood pressure in the veins. They typically occur in the legs because standing can put excessive pressure on the veins and cause them to bulge out. They’re caused by problems like weakened or damaged valves in the heart, tightened … Read more

Easy Natural Remedies for Hair Growth

Natural hair growth occurs in four stages to keep your hair looking healthy and feeling strong. The growing phase is the main period during which most of your hair development takes place. After that are the transition, resting, and shedding phases, all of which play key roles in hair health. Factors that may affect this … Read more

Is Pam Bad for You?

a row of Pam spray cans in the market

PAM cooking spray is a popular product that is designed to replace butter and olive oil to produce an effective, non-stick surface. Over the years, it’s become one of the most popularly used sprays in the world and is likely used by millions of people every day. In fact, it easily leads the market with … Read more

How Long Does it Take for Vitamins to Work?

Regularly taking multivitamins can help supplement your body’s natural nutrient levels and support your overall health. But how long does it take for vitamins to work? That’s an interesting question that takes a little work to answer correctly. After all, multivitamins are surprisingly diverse in their construction and may work in varying ways on different … Read more

How to Identify Your True Pain Source

identify your true pain source

When you are in pain, it can have a way of taking over your life, a fact known by one out of every five American adults. Not knowing what is causing the pain will make the pain feel even worse. Pain can debilitate you and impact your mental and intellectual health on a daily basis. … Read more

Alpha Palm Vitamin – Benefits & Uses

Alpha Palm Vitamin

By now you’ve probably already heard about alpha palm and the alpha palm vitamin. It’s mainly known as one of the best vitamins for sciatic nerve pain, and nerve pain in general. It is actually one of the few vitamins that has shown to help support neuropathic pain in areas of the legs, hips, and … Read more