Why You Need a Foot Care Routine

Once someone starts a foot care routine, they don’t want to stop. If you don’t have one, you don’t know that yet. A foot care routine goes beyond keeping your feet clean, healthy, and pretty. It makes you feel good and makes your whole body feel good. You need to have healthy feet in order to maintain an active life, and in order to stay mobile. We typically do not pay too much attention to our feet until there is a major problem with them.

Redirect that train of thought and instead, start paying more attention to your feet. This can start a prevention plan for your feet that can help you to avoid major foot and health problems, while also helping you to feel great all the time. One study indicated that over 2.2 million working days are lost every year because of foot problems. When you have a foot care routine in place, you may be able to avoid some of this.

Why Foot Care Matters

Foot care isn’t about just having a pretty pedicure when sandal weather hits. A good and proper foot care routine could be essential to your health. Without it, you might wind up overlooking a problem that could result in a serious health condition or a lifelong issue. In some cases, people with diabetes, for example, can lose a part of their foot, or their entire foot, because they have let something like a corn or bunion go because they weren’t paying enough attention.

For people with diabetes, nerve pain or nerve sensation loss is part of the problem. They can’t tell when they have a corn or bunion and can lose a toe or a foot because of an infection that has gotten way out of hand on them. Good foot care is critical for everyone, and not just those with diabetes. As you age, it is more likely that you are going to need a good foot care routine.

It is estimated that approximately 1 in 3 people past the age of 65 have pain in the foot, and stiff feet or pain in their feet. You can avoid this and other health issues by taking care of your feet. The feet are the part of your body that gets the most wear and tear. You’ll need to keep them healthy in order to keep yourself healthy too.

When your feet are having problems, you will find that you may become more accident-prone. This can result in accidents and even bigger health problems. Part of taking care of your feet will mean proper foot care and taking care of all the conditions of your feet. It isn’t just a foot care and health care thing, although it is.

When your feet are in good condition, your overall mind and body state will be in good condition as well. There is something to be said about coming out of a pedicure with a big smile. You feel amazing when your feet are taken care of this way. Do this for yourself more, and you will find your overall state of mind will have you feeling healthier, and looking healthier too.

Components of an Effective Foot Care Routine

A good foot care routine is an important part of your overall health. You want it to be a comprehensive plan that targets your mind, soul, and most importantly your body. Foot care is about taking care of your foot hygiene, and also being comfortable and safe as well. Put foot care into your daily routine like you do with your teeth, your hair, and everything else.

Daily Practices

Get into the simple daily practice of washing your feet daily. Make a point of using warm water and a nice soap that makes you feel good. You want to rinse them once you wash them and dry them thoroughly. You may need to dry in between your toes to avoid any possibility of fungus or infection.

If you have dry feet, add a moisturizer to your foot care plan. Cracked skin on the heels of your feet can easily lead to pinched nerves and infections. Take care of your feet with a washing plan every day that is multipronged. Clean them, dry them, moisturize them, and your feet will feel fantastic.

It’s a good idea to do this at night before you go to bed. Then, your feet feel wonderful, and it will even help you to have a better sleep. Find the time and routine that works best for you. You will be able to slip your happy feet into bed every night and feel warm and comfortable when you do.

Footwear Tips

The shoes that you wear can help you tremendously when you are taking care of your feet. You need to be comfortable in the shoes that you are wearing, or any prevailing foot condition will get worse. Take the time and invest in the right shoes when you are going to be wearing them for more than 8 hours a day. Make sure your feet can move around in them, and that they can breathe when you are wearing them.

Your shoes need to fit well, and you need to be able to walk on them without discomfort. They need to be loose, but not too loose. Make sure that the right length and width of your shoes accommodate your feet and the shape of your feet. If you have foot problems, do not buy shoes online, but test them in the store and walk around in them before you break them in for good.

It is a good rule of thumb to buy shoes when it is late in the day. Your feet are naturally bigger at that point in the day from having been walked on all day. Try on different pairs of shoes when your day is nearly over. Then you will know you can feel good in these shoes all day long.

Nail Care

Nail care is an important part of your foot care. The general rule of thumb here is to trim your nails regularly. You never want to feel the nails against your socks or shoes. Trim the nails straight across. Use an emery board to file the corners down so that you avoid ingrown toenails.

Trim your nails often. Make a habit of checking this at least once a week. When you have your own foot care routine at home, nail trimming is essential. It may take a few more minutes of your time, but it will help you to feel better overall.

Regular Inspections

When you hear of regular inspections for your feet, you may find this to be a little bit too much. It can be, but it isn’t if you have pre-existing health conditions that could be worsened if you don’t practice daily foot care. A good foot care regimen is going to involve regular inspections. Check your feet daily for any sign of a problem.

What you are looking for here are any signs of cracks in your skin, blisters, bunions, sores, or any unusual signs of redness. If your feet feel tender in any area, make a note of that. When your nails get too long, trim them when you can. If you see anything unusual or feel pain that can’t be remedied through a blister or moisturizing treatment, consult with a health professional about the issue that you are noticing on your feet.

Foot Care Products and Natural Foot Care Remedies

There are many different things that you can add to your foot care routine that will help you to enjoy this process. Invest in foot care products that will help you to help your feet feel good. Use some of these recipes to create a foot care routine that you will look forward to performing daily, weekly, and monthly.

Foot Care Products

Good foot care products are an important part of every foot care routine. Invest in the right tools and products that you need to feel good. For a good foot care routine, you’ll need nice soap that you will like that will make your feet feel good. Peppermint is a wonderful scent for feet and can invigorate them in a very relaxing way. You’ll also want to get a moisturizer that you like.

Products that you like to use are more likely to be used. Invest in foot care products that smell and feel good. In addition, you’ll want clippers and an emery board that can help you to prevent ingrown nails and infections. A foot spa to soak your feet in is also a good investment if you know that you will use it daily.

Natural Remedies for Foot Care

There are natural remedies for foot care that you can also implement with your foot care products. Use these recipes and make some of your own. This will help you to create a foot care routine that you will get excited about.

Peppermint is a wonderful oil to use with feet. Mix some peppermint essential oil with one cup of sugar and some coconut oil to create a lovely scrub that will soften and freshen your feet. You can use the same ingredients but substitute lemon oil with peppermint if you want a fresh twist to this foot rub.

Rub these scrubs into your feet and let them soak for up to 10 minutes. Your feet will finish feeling unbelievably soft. After you have scrubbed them, rinse the scrub away from the feet. You may want to wear socks if you aren’t going to bed right away, and this will keep the feet feeling fresh and soft until you go to bed at night.

For cracked heels, a milk scrub works wonders. Here you will mix one cup of milk with 5 cups of water and approximately one-quarter cup of sugar. You can add baby oil or a scented oil to this scrub. Then you will apply it to your feet like any other foot scrub.

The end result will be healing and also feel magnificent. Leave the scrub on your feet for a few minutes. Then, rinse it all off and dry your feet normally. You may want to use a pumice stone to rub off any additional calluses or bunions. You will love this one so much you will want to do it every week.

Professional Foot Care Services

Sometimes you may just want to go to the spa to have that done, and sometimes you will need to see a doctor for a foot problem. When your feet have pain, swelling, or wounds, or are difficult to walk on, seek professional foot care services. If the swelling won’t go down or the pain won’t stop, you may need emergency attention. If you have a pre-existing health condition, it is all the more important that you know when to consult with a healthcare professional about your feet.

Before you see a doctor, be sure to stop any activity that puts extra weight on your feet. You can ice your feet or use a foot wash or foot care recipe as described above. Take your medications as normal, and ensure you have the proper footwear.

Start Your Foot Care Routine Today

The best foot care routine is the one that you enjoy doing, and won’t forget to do. Start with a plan to do this daily, and check your feet after you wash them every night. Try some of these recipes to add a little pampering to this important healthcare task. When you see something you don’t like or don’t feel right, talk to your doctor about it as soon as you can. Make your foot care an important part of your health care, and you will always feel better about your feet.

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