How Can I Manage Lower Back Pain When Sitting?

lower back pain when sitting

Health Report discusses the different causes of lower back pain when sitting and the reasons why lower back pain may be exacerbated when one is seated.  Included in the discussion are the symptoms associated with lower back pain. Signs indicating whether the condition is becoming more severe or chronic are also discussed. Lower back pain … Read more

Why Do Knees Hurt When Going up and Down Stairs?

knee pain when walking up and down stairs

Nearly 15 million American adults experience severe joint pain(1).  Medical conditions like osteoarthritis, chondromalacia patella, and knee injuries like a damaged kneecap may cause knee pain, making it difficult for individuals to do practical, everyday activities like going up and down stairs.  Knee pain when going up and down stairs can impact the quality of … Read more

Hip Pain Treatment Options Without Surgery

hip pain treatment without surgery

If you are struggling with even a minor bit of discomfort or immobility, you may seek out hip pain treatment options without surgery. Surgery is a very controversial topic when it comes to hip replacement, spine issues, and many other very invasive procedures. Sometimes it can be beneficial, sometimes it may set you back further … Read more

Lower Back Pain When Bending Over

Lower Back Pain When Bending Over

Lower back pain when bending over can prevent you from more than just exercising and doing things you enjoy, it can stop you from doing essential daily tasks. Things that you never even used to think about, like reaching on the floor to grab some dirty clothes, can send shooting pain up your lumbar spine. … Read more

Lower Back Pain When Breathing

lower back pain when breathing

Lower back pain when breathing is a type of pain that can actually be cause for serious concern. While many types of back pain in elderly indicate an issue with your spine or a surrounding muscle, if it is only when you breathe, it could be an issue with organs, disease, or something more serious. … Read more