Why is a Fractured Hip so Dangerous for Seniors?

A broken hip in elderly people is both common and painful. Because of weakening bones and the onset of medical issues such as osteoporosis or other ailments that limit mobility, seniors can become especially susceptible to breaking a hip as they age. Learning about preventative measures can help to keep bones strong and decrease the risk of … Read more

Detecting and Treating Weight Loss in Seniors

Most of us tend to recognize that elderly people tend to become smaller the older they get. As people age, they lose weight and perhaps even become a couple of inches shorter. Most people believe that weight loss in elderly people is a natural part of aging. But losing a significant amount of weight without … Read more

What is the Difference Between Delirium and Dementia?

Both delirium and dementia have similar symptoms, but the two medical conditions are not the same. Delirium usually comes on suddenly, and there are ways to prevent it from developing. The onset of dementia is slower, usually taking months or years to develop with minor symptoms sometimes being dismissed as normal forgetfulness or ignored. With this … Read more

How Long Does Shingles Last In The Elderly?

Shingles is a viral infection that follows a varicella-zoster infection, although it can take decades for symptoms of the secondary disease to emerge. The condition presents as a painful and blistering rash, but it is not life-threatening. According to the Center for Disease Control, there are nearly one million cases in the United States each year, and … Read more

Senior Health Issues and Care – What You Need To Know

Our health is something we can never take for granted regardless of our age. There is no point in life where we are completely immune to getting sick or developing infections, and it is always important to see our doctors regularly and use preventative care whenever possible. As we advance into our senior years, the risk … Read more

Why You Need to Learn About the Dangers of Elderly Pneumonia

Pneumonia in elderly people is somewhat common, but some forms can be extremely dangerous. Seniors are especially susceptible and can easily contract pneumonia in nursing home settings. There are a few different types of pneumonia as well as different sets of symptoms. Often, the elderly display pneumonia symptoms differently than those who are younger. Various … Read more

Macular Degeneration – Is Your Eyesight in Danger?

Most of us notice as we age that our eyesight isn’t quite what it was when we were younger. Many seniors experience visual disturbances such as blurred or double vision and it is important to keep up with visiting our eye doctor regularly to get the proper diagnosis to see if we are at risk for degenerative … Read more

How Do You Know if You Have MRSA In Your Urine?

Doctors want to identify MRSA in urine as soon as possible. This antibiotic-resistant urinary tract infection can become life-threatening, especially in aged persons. Symptoms can include swollen and painful red bumps that leak fluid and resemble spider bites or pimples. If you or a loved one is experiencing these symptoms, schedule an appointment with a … Read more

Causes of High Blood Pressure in the Elderly – The Facts

High blood pressure is common in the elderly and can cause many serious health issues. It’s important to understand the causes of high blood pressure in elderly people, and how you can treat and prevent it. High Blood Pressure: The Silent Killer High blood pressure is often called the ‘silent killer’ because it has no symptoms. … Read more

Everything Seniors Must Know About High Blood Pressure

Each time we visit our doctor, we have our blood pressure taken. This reading is a way to find out if our hearts and arteries are healthy and functioning properly. High blood pressure readings can be warnings that we are due for some lifestyle changes. When our readings elevate beyond what is considered normal we can become … Read more

Do You Know How to Recognize Dementia Stages?

A person suffering from a form of dementia doesn’t start out with significant memory loss or other signs of cognitive decline. Dementia is usually progressive, meaning there are multiple dementia stages. In the earliest phases, a person might seem to be in good health. By the final stage, a person will usually be unable to … Read more

Dementia Care – Providing the Best and Avoiding Burnout

Dealing with dementia is a difficult process for caregivers around the world. Communication with a loved one who is suffering may become challenging. The behavior of dementia sufferers can also become unpredictable. Dementia causes people to lose their ability to complete common tasks. It becomes the responsibility of caregivers to aid them in their everyday … Read more

Before You Forget, Read This Guide About Dehydration in Seniors

Pain In The Right Side Of The Throat

Dehydration can occur in any healthy person regardless of age or gender. Dehydration in the elderly can sometimes be more difficult to manage and prevent. The reasons why include dulling thirst sensations, changes in physiology, and the need for medications which may also play a role. It becomes increasingly important to maintain proper levels of … Read more

What Causes Pain on the Right Side of the Lower Back?

How Long Will Sciatica Take to Heal

What Causes Pain on the Right Side of the Lower Back? The causes of lower right back pain in seniors may vary. This type of lower back pain may arise due to injuries, kidney infections, inflammatory bowel diseases, and appendicitis(1-4). Causes of pain on the right side of the lower back may also be gender-specific. For instance, … Read more

What is Sciatica & How Long Does It Take To Go Away?

How Long Will Sciatica Take to Heal

If you’re experiencing your first painful flare up, you are likely wondering how long will sciatica take to heal? On top of the shooting pains, this condition can be detrimental to your day-to-day life, preventing you from simple tasks. In this article, we’ll explain how long sciatica will take to heal. We’ll explain why your … Read more

Why Does My Back Hurt in the Morning? 

Lower back pain felt by older people after sleeping may be caused by underlying medical conditions, such as disc degeneration, spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spaces in the spine), or herniated discs. Other non-medical factors that cause lower back pain include bad mattress quality or sleeping positions(1). Non-pharmacological treatment options, including simple exercises, stretching, and physical … Read more

How to Sleep With Lower Back Pain

lower back pain can barely sleep

Older people with lower back pain may struggle with sleeping problems. At the same time, sleeping problems affect a person’s recovery from their lower back pain. Health Report covers everything older folks with lower back pain can do for better sleep. This article will outline which sleeping positions are the best for those with chronic back … Read more

How Can I Manage Lower Back Pain When Sitting?

lower back pain when sitting

Health Report discusses the different causes of lower back pain when sitting and the reasons why lower back pain may be exacerbated when one is seated.  Included in the discussion are the symptoms associated with lower back pain. Signs indicating whether the condition is becoming more severe or chronic are also discussed. Lower back pain … Read more