Do You Know How to Recognize Dementia Stages?

A person suffering from a form of dementia doesn’t start out with significant memory loss or other signs of cognitive decline. Dementia is usually progressive, meaning there are multiple dementia stages. In the earliest phases, a person might seem to be in good health. By the final stage, a person will usually be unable to … Read more

Dementia Care – Providing the Best and Avoiding Burnout

Dealing with dementia is a difficult process for caregivers around the world. Communication with a loved one who is suffering may become challenging. The behavior of dementia sufferers can also become unpredictable. Dementia causes people to lose their ability to complete common tasks. It becomes the responsibility of caregivers to aid them in their everyday … Read more

Before You Forget, Read This Guide About Dehydration in Seniors

Pain In The Right Side Of The Throat

Dehydration can occur in any healthy person regardless of age or gender. Dehydration in the elderly can sometimes be more difficult to manage and prevent. The reasons why include dulling thirst sensations, changes in physiology, and the need for medications which may also play a role. It becomes increasingly important to maintain proper levels of … Read more

What Causes Pain on the Right Side of the Lower Back?

How Long Will Sciatica Take to Heal

What Causes Pain on the Right Side of the Lower Back? The causes of lower right back pain in seniors may vary. This type of lower back pain may arise due to injuries, kidney infections, inflammatory bowel diseases, and appendicitis(1-4). Causes of pain on the right side of the lower back may also be gender-specific. For instance, … Read more

What is Sciatica & How Long Does It Take To Go Away?

How Long Will Sciatica Take to Heal

If you’re experiencing your first painful flare up, you are likely wondering how long will sciatica take to heal? On top of the shooting pains, this condition can be detrimental to your day-to-day life, preventing you from simple tasks. In this article, we’ll explain how long sciatica will take to heal. We’ll explain why your … Read more

Why Does My Back Hurt in the Morning? 

Lower back pain after sleeping is a common struggle among older people(5). However, it may be challenging to find a solution to their pain problems, especially if they do not know the cause of their pain and discomfort. Health Report aims to help older people manage chronic back pain by providing relevant information and possible … Read more

How to Sleep With Lower Back Pain

lower back pain can barely sleep

Older people with lower back pain may struggle with sleeping problems. At the same time, sleeping problems affect a person’s recovery from their lower back pain. Health Report covers everything older folks with lower back pain can do for better sleep. This article will outline which sleeping positions are the best for those with chronic back … Read more

How Can I Manage Lower Back Pain When Sitting?

lower back pain when sitting

Health Report discusses the different causes of lower back pain when sitting and the reasons why lower back pain may be exacerbated when one is seated.  Included in the discussion are the symptoms associated with lower back pain. Signs indicating whether the condition is becoming more severe or chronic are also discussed. Lower back pain … Read more

Why Do Knees Hurt When Going up and Down Stairs?

knee pain when walking up and down stairs

Nearly 15 million American adults experience severe joint pain(1).  Medical conditions like osteoarthritis, chondromalacia patella, and knee injuries like a damaged kneecap may cause knee pain, making it difficult for individuals to do practical, everyday activities like going up and down stairs.  Knee pain when going up and down stairs can impact the quality of … Read more

Hip Pain Treatment Options Without Surgery

hip pain treatment without surgery

If you are struggling with even a minor bit of discomfort or immobility, you may seek out hip pain treatment options without surgery. Surgery is a very controversial topic when it comes to hip replacement, spine issues, and many other very invasive procedures. Sometimes it can be beneficial, sometimes it may set you back further … Read more

Lower Back Pain When Bending Over

Lower Back Pain When Bending Over

Lower back pain when bending over can prevent you from more than just exercising and doing things you enjoy, it can stop you from doing essential daily tasks. Things that you never even used to think about, like reaching on the floor to grab some dirty clothes, can send shooting pain up your lumbar spine. … Read more

Lower Back Pain When Breathing

lower back pain when breathing

Lower back pain when breathing is a type of pain that can actually be cause for serious concern. While many types of back pain in elderly indicate an issue with your spine or a surrounding muscle, if it is only when you breathe, it could be an issue with organs, disease, or something more serious. … Read more