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Chronic pain is a problem that is experienced by billions of people every day in the world. In the United States alone, approximately 20 percent of Americans, or 51 million people live with chronic pain. Additionally, pain that is suffered in the muscles or the joints is an even more common problem. Most adults experience … Read more

Water Therapy for Back Pain

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 58.9% of adults in this country suffer from chronic pain. They state that, of that group, 39% experience pain in their back. There are many therapeutic approaches to managing chronic low back pain. However, water therapy may be one of the most effective. Seniors may … Read more

What Causes Pain on the Right Side of the Lower Back?

How Long Will Sciatica Take to Heal

What Causes Pain on the Right Side of the Lower Back? The causes of lower right back pain in seniors may vary. This type of lower back pain may arise due to injuries, kidney infections, inflammatory bowel diseases, and appendicitis(1-4). Causes of pain on the right side of the lower back may also be gender-specific. For instance, … Read more

Exercises for Upper Back Pain Relief

How Can Stretching Help With Upper Back Pain? According to a study, stretching increases an individual’s range of motion and promotes muscle blood flow(1). It was also suggested that regular stretching loosens tight and stiff muscles(2). Some of the stretches that may help manage upper back pain are thoracic extension, cat-cow pose, chair chest opener, scapular squeeze, … Read more

Lower Back Pain When Standing

lower back pain when standing

Lower back pain when standing can be caused by a more specific set of conditions. If you usually only feel discomfort in your lower back when you stand, it will be easier to diagnose the root cause than just attempting to diagnose lower back pain in general. However, this type of pain can also range greatly in … Read more

Stretches for Mid Back Pain

Stretches for Mid Back Pain

We have listed the best stretches for the variety of middle back pain causes. We have compiled the top stretches, yoga poses, and movements for muscular pain in the middle back. Whether you just slept funny or you strained a muscle working out and the pain is unbearable, these will have your mid back loosening up … Read more

Lower Back Pain in Elderly

Lower Back Pain in Elderly

Lower back pain in elderly years is an unfortunate reality many folks have to deal with. In fact, back pain in elderly affects a large majority of people over the age of 60. It can be caused by a number of things, and can create a range of symptoms other than just typical pain in … Read more

Upper Back Pain in Elderly

Upper Back Pain in Elderly

While the majority of back pain in elderly cases deal with lower back pain, there are still tons of hospital care visits every single year due to upper back pain in elderly people.  Whether it be due to spinal problems or an issue with your ribs, the agonizing burning or pulling sensation you feel has you wondering, … Read more

Why Does My Back Hurt in the Morning? 

Lower back pain after sleeping is a common struggle among older people(5). However, it may be challenging to find a solution to their pain problems, especially if they do not know the cause of their pain and discomfort. Health Report aims to help older people manage chronic back pain by providing relevant information and possible … Read more

How to Sleep With Lower Back Pain

lower back pain can barely sleep

Older people with lower back pain may struggle with sleeping problems. At the same time, sleeping problems affect a person’s recovery from their lower back pain. Health Report covers everything older folks with lower back pain can do for better sleep. This article will outline which sleeping positions are the best for those with chronic back … Read more

How Can I Manage Lower Back Pain When Sitting?

lower back pain when sitting

Health Report discusses the different causes of lower back pain when sitting and the reasons why lower back pain may be exacerbated when one is seated.  Included in the discussion are the symptoms associated with lower back pain. Signs indicating whether the condition is becoming more severe or chronic are also discussed. Lower back pain … Read more

The Complete Guide To Lumbago


If you’ve been suffering from severe lower back pain accompanied by other uncomfortable symptoms, you may be suffering from lumbago. This sounds like a strange condition, and you are likely wondering, what is it? Don’t worry – we are going to define this ailment in just a moment, and cover everything you need to know … Read more

Lower Back Pain After Drinking Alcohol

lower back pain when sitting

If you experience lower back pain after drinking alcohol, it can be great cause for concern. Usually, the symptoms you experience after drinking alcohol consist of headaches, nausea, dehydration, brain fog, and more.  So, when your lower back hurts the morning after a night of drinking, it obviously creates worry. After all, this can be … Read more

Lower Back Pain When Bending Over

Lower Back Pain When Bending Over

Lower back pain when bending over can prevent you from more than just exercising and doing things you enjoy, it can stop you from doing essential daily tasks. Things that you never even used to think about, like reaching on the floor to grab some dirty clothes, can send shooting pain up your lumbar spine. … Read more

Lower Back Pain When Breathing

lower back pain when breathing

Lower back pain when breathing is a type of pain that can actually be cause for serious concern. While many types of back pain in elderly indicate an issue with your spine or a surrounding muscle, if it is only when you breathe, it could be an issue with organs, disease, or something more serious. … Read more