Before You Forget, Read This Guide About Dehydration in Seniors

Pain In The Right Side Of The Throat

Dehydration can occur in any healthy person regardless of age or gender. Dehydration in the elderly can sometimes be more difficult to manage and prevent. The reasons why include dulling thirst sensations, changes in physiology, and the need for medications which may also play a role. It becomes increasingly important to maintain proper levels of … Read more

14 Foods That Boost Energy

Have you ever felt that sluggish feeling when you wake up where you practically have to drag yourself out of bed or overdose yourself on caffeine for the first couple of hours of the day? Or perhaps you feel like it is excruciatingly difficult to keep your eyes peeled open only a few hours after … Read more

12 Best Foods for Memory

If you feel a bit forgetful, it could be due to a number of reasons. Lifestyle, genetics, physical activity and environmental factors can play into it; however, diet also plays a significant role on brain health as energy has a huge impact on your brain.  The human brain actually uses more energy than any other … Read more

Best Low Sodium Meals

cancer fighting foods

If you worry about your sodium intake, these are the best low-sodium meals to eat. Sodium is a mineral responsible for essential functions in the body. While it can be beneficial to health, it may not be recommended for people with certain health conditions such as heart failure, kidney disease and high blood pressure. Doctors of people … Read more

Best Diets For Men Over 50

dangers of green smoothies

Everyone needs to pay attention to their eating habits no matter what age they are, but the older you get, the more important it becomes. Men who have reached the 50-year mark or have exceeded it may need specialized diets in order to stay in good health. Keep reading to learn about diets that are beneficial for … Read more

Best Diets For Women Over 50

Dangers Of Green Smoothies

Although diet is important no matter a person’s age, one’s nutrition after age 50 is highly important. The most important reason for dieting at this age I maintaining a healthy body. The body over 50 struggles to withstand more abuse from inactivity, eating a lot of fast food and drinking too much alcohol. The side … Read more

What Is The Problem With Peanut Butter?

problem with peanut butter

All things are good in moderation, but there are some potential problems with peanut butter that you need to be aware of. This is a classic snack, and many of us eat it by the spoonful. It’s a source of healthy fats, and for the most part, you’d think it’s nothing but good for you. … Read more

A Few Scary Reasons To Avoid Lemon Juice

Lemons themselves can be packed with antioxidants and bring tons of benefits to the table, but there are also a few scary reasons to avoid lemon juice. Of course, all things can be good in moderation. But when you frequently consume the juice from lemons, it can lead to serious issues long term. Read on … Read more

Is Fruit Juice Actually Unhealthy For You?

fruit juice unhealthy

While many of us reach for a fruit juice with the intention to enjoy a healthy drink, it might be time to remove those from our fridge. We were always told that fruit is a healthy snack. And for the most part, it is! But, when you blend these fruits up and consume them in … Read more

The Dangers Of Green Smoothies

Dangers Of Green Smoothies

While you may be under the impression that your daily green smoothies are doing you nothing but good, this may not be the case, In fact, there are quite a few potential dangers of green smoothies that the general public are not privy to. How can this be, when all the inputs of your green … Read more

The Relationship Between Coffee & Cancer

Coffee and Cancer

Most of us start our mornings with a cup of coffee, so it’s fair to ponder what impact this has on our health long term. For the most part, the consensus is that black coffee is healthy. But can too much of a good thing, be a bad thing? We’re going to teach share everything … Read more

Study Reveals This “Healthy” Drink Increases Cancer Risk By 18% (And It’s Probably Sitting In Your Refrigerator Right Now)

Here’s a scary thought: Is there a drink sitting in your fridge right now that could skyrocket your cancer risk? Based on a new study published in The British Medical Journal, the answer for millions of Americans is “yes.” Worst part is, for years, we’ve been led to believe this beverage is “healthy.” Most folks drink … Read more