The Best Vitamins for Men Over 50: Supporting Health and Vitality

As men age into their 50s, they will notice many changes that proper nutrition can help them manage. As a result, it’s important to understand the best vitamins for men over 50, including multivitamins for men over 50 that can combat things like skin damage, bone-health issues, and more. Proper nutrition can reduce these risks … Read more

From Thin to Thick: The Best Vitamins for Hair Loss 

Hair loss occurs when men or women permanently lose areas of hair which may lead to partial or complete baldness. This problem can occur for many reasons, including genetic predisposition, aging, cancer treatments, pregnancy, medications, hormonal imbalances, and vitamin deficiencies. Of all these issues, a lack of vitamins is one of the easiest to manage … Read more

Shocking Discovery: These 5 Ingredients Will Transform Your Heart Health Forever!

Are you concerned about your heart health due to poor life decisions or a family history of heart-related disease? You’re not alone: heart problems remain the most common cause of death for men and women, and according to the CDC, around 695,000 people die of heart-related concerns every year in the United States alone. However, … Read more

The Sticky Truth: Foods That Cause Ear Wax Buildup

Ear wax is a waxy oil called cerumen produced by hair follicles and glands in your ear. This oil protects you by trapping and preventing germs, bacteria, dust, and contaminants from entering your ear canal. It can also minimize irritation from water and prevent small objects from getting into your head. Unfortunately, excessive ear wax … Read more

What Are The Benefits of Ginger Chews?

Ginger chews are candied ginger root, and are delightful treats to have with many known health benefits of ginger chews. They are excellent chews and ginger chews for nausea & acid reflux are common. As they contain natural ginger, they offer many health benefits for chewing them. You can chew them or eat them as … Read more

When to Drink Bone Broth for Gut Health?

Making and consuming bone broth has been around for thousands of years, widespread among the ancient civilizations that recognized its healing powers. The practice experienced a lull at one point in history but is seeing a resurgence based on its benefits for one’s digestive system, among other things. When to drink bone broth depends on … Read more

Beets and Blood Sugar (What You Need to Know)

Beets and Blood Sugar

Beets or beetroot are a root vegetable dug from the ground that are rich in a wide variety of nutrients and known to have a sweet but subtle taste. They are not a strong vegetable taste wise, but their punch comes in with their healthy benefits. Their health benefits are many, and people such as … Read more

Best Diet Plan for Osteoporosis

Best Foods for Osteoporosis

Bone diseases may not get as much attention as other major diseases, including cancer, diabetes and heart disease, but they are common in the United States.  Osteoporosis is a bone health disease that affects one in two Americans over age 50. Roughly 4 in 10 white women over 40 will experience a spine, hip or … Read more

Detecting and Treating Weight Loss in Seniors

Most of us tend to recognize that elderly people tend to become smaller the older they get. As people age, they lose weight and perhaps even become a couple of inches shorter. Most people believe that weight loss in elderly people is a natural part of aging. But losing a significant amount of weight without … Read more

How To Puree Food That Seniors Will Love

There comes a time when a senior may need to have pureed food as their main diet. If that’s the case for your senior, it’s important to know how to puree food properly. This will help him get the best nutrition and calories he needs every day. The texture and taste of foods can make … Read more

Recipes for the Elderly: How to Easily Make Great Meals

People’s nutritional needs change as they get older. Their tastes also change, and it can be difficult for some people to taste or smell their food. Meals for elderly should take an individual’s specific needs under consideration without sacrificing flavor. It might seem like a tall order, but it’s possible to provide ample nutrition to … Read more

How Does Low Acid Coffee Help Seniors With Digestive Disorders?

Seniors are prone to many different digestive disorders, but even in spite of these disorders, are probably reluctant to give up their daily caffeine habit. Thankfully, there’s a solution which will allow seniors to retain their coffee habit and its proven benefits while avoiding the downsides: low acid coffee. Reduced acid coffee or acid-free coffee is a modern … Read more

What Does a Loss of Appetite in the Elderly Mean?

Getting older means needing fewer calories than younger adults. But it doesn’t mean that a person should stop eating entirely. Elderly adults have specific nutritional needs. Staying healthy as an older person means ensuring those needs are met. There are some reasons why an older person might lose his or her appetite. Finding the cause … Read more