Lower Back Pain in Elderly

Lower Back Pain in Elderly

Lower back pain in elderly years is an unfortunate reality many folks have to deal with. In fact, back pain in elderly affects a large majority of people over the age of 60. It can be caused by a number of things, and can create a range of symptoms other than just typical pain in … Read more

Causes of Middle Back Pain in Seniors

As adults age, they undergo several physical and psychosocial changes(7). Back pain in elderly prevalence has been reported as one of the conditions plaguing the elderly(8). Apart from neck pain and chest pain, pain in the middle back is also a growing concern among seniors. Chronic pain has resulted in reduced mobility, depression, and even isolation … Read more

Upper Back Pain in Elderly

Upper Back Pain in Elderly

While the majority of back pain in elderly cases deal with lower back pain, there are still tons of hospital care visits every single year due to upper back pain in elderly people.  Whether it be due to spinal problems or an issue with your ribs, the agonizing burning or pulling sensation you feel has you wondering, … Read more

Sciatic Nerve Stretches, Standing or Seated

Health Report lists down some stretching exercises to help manage sciatica. The instructions for each stretch pose are elaborated through an easy step-by-step guide. Safety precautions are highlighted to maximize the benefits of stretching. Aside from these stretches, tips on preventing sciatica are also included in this article. Safety Precautions If they are not stretched, … Read more

Tai Chi for Senior Exercise and Balance

Tai chi, a form of Chinese martial arts that focuses on slow, controlled movements. Tai chi exercises are low impact and gives people with limited mobility a chance to improve their balance, range of motion, coordination, and muscle health. Research shows that tai chi for seniors can reduce the incidence of falls in elderly and at-risk adults … Read more

Erasing the Stigma of Geriatric Anxiety and Learning to Help

The effects of anxiety disorders are becoming ever more prevalent in our society. Even with new research shining a light on how many Americans suffer from these varying disorders, we have only begun to scratch the surface. This is especially true when it comes to understanding anxiety in the elderly. Higher rates of loss, physical suffering from … Read more

Causes & Relief For Hip Pain After Running

hip pain after running

If you experience hip pain after running, it can make getting that crucial exercise even more difficult, discouraging you from getting your workout in. The last thing you want when trying to stay healthy is injuring yourself in the process. But, even worse, this type of pain in your hips can interfere with your other … Read more

Causes & Treatment For Hip Pain When Sitting

hip pain when sitting

We spend so much time in a seated position throughout the day, especially if you’re a student or working professional, that dealing with hip pain when sitting can derail your entire day. As such, you cannot afford to just keep living with this condition. Investing in a stand up desk is one option, but that … Read more

What Could Cause Pain In Back Of The Knee?

what could cause pain in back of knee?

If you are suffering with pain in back of the knee, it can cause not just severe discomfort, but debilitation that prevents you from doing the things you need to do or enjoy doing. Because of this, you are no doubt scouring the internet in search of some information regarding what could cause pain behind … Read more

The Complete Guide To Lumbago


If you’ve been suffering from severe lower back pain accompanied by other uncomfortable symptoms, you may be suffering from lumbago. This sounds like a strange condition, and you are likely wondering, what is it? Don’t worry – we are going to define this ailment in just a moment, and cover everything you need to know … Read more

What Can Cause Hip Pain When Coughing?

hip pain when coughing

If you experience hip pain when coughing, it can be great cause for concern. Any sort of pain accompanied by a cough has you wondering what is wrong with you internally, and the mind can wander to some dark places. But, if your hip hurts when coughing, it may not be something as sinister as … Read more

Causes & Treatment For Hip And Hamstring Pain

hip and hamstring pain

Hip and hamstring pain can be caused by so many different things, but one thing remains consistent among them all – it sucks. While they are different muscle groups entirely, sometimes, pain in these two areas can be related. We’ll investigate this deeper in a moment. Part of what makes dealing with pain in your … Read more

What Can Cause Pinching Pain In Hip?

pinching pain in hip

If you are experiencing pinching pain in your hip, the frustrating part isn’t just how much it hurts. This specific type of pain can prevent you from doing some pretty routine tasks, affecting your day to day life. When you have some form of debilitating hip pain, any sort of movement can cause agony and … Read more